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Portable Hand-Washing Paper

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Use our Antibacterial soap strips now to prevent the spread of viruses and germs !!

Prevention is better than cure!


✔ INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Comes in a handy box that fits perfectly in your pocket, so you can take it anywhere.
✔ EFFECTIVE: Effectively eliminates 95.99% of bacteria and feels very soft on the skin.

✔ EASY: Whether at home or outdoors, just add some water to clean your hands!

✔ ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: - The antibacterial soap strips are biodegradable and more environmentally friendly than liquid soaps.

✔ PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY: Each box contains 20 pieces to protect not only yourself but also your family. They contain pure natural plant extract, have a fruity fragrance and are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

With the highly contagious coronavirus (COVID-19) in our country, we must avoid spreading as much as possible. By regularly washing our hands, so antibacterial soap and disinfectants are extremely important at the moment!

Our Antibacterial soap strips are therefore the must-have at the moment. They are easy to carry in your pocket or bag and thoroughly disinfect your hands when and where you need it! Germs and bacteria are thus effectively eliminated.


  1. Take a strip and place it on a dry hand
  2. Let the strip get wet for a few seconds
  3. Start by cleaning your hands
For optimal use, we recommend rubbing the strips for 30 seconds.

Note: This product is not sold in stores and due to the high demand at the moment, the Antibacterial soap strips will sell out quickly!


  • Product material: plastic shell + soap paper.
  • Color: Pink/ Yellow/ Blue/ Purple.The color will be sent in random
  • Number: A box of 20 soap paper.
  • Weight: 15g / 1Pcs.

🎁Package Includes:

  • 6 Boxes x Portable Hand-Washing Paper.(120pcs)